Open Source

Pustefix is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1. This allows you to distribute your Pustefix applications as Open Source or commercial applications. Furthermore, you have full access to the source code which allows you to make modifications to Pustefix itself and be able to implement the features you desire.

MVC Paradigm

Pustefix enforces a clean separation between your models, business logic and the presentation layout. This leads to a clean architecture and separation of the different application concerns. You may change the complete layout of the application of your applications without changing any of your Java classes.

Recursive XSL Engine

The view layer in Pustefix is powered by an XSL engine which applies recursive XSL transformations to your web sites. This allows you to build frontend components which can be modified in a central stylesheet. By applying more than one transformation, the layout and the structure of your components can be separated.

Multilingual applications

Pustefix provides an easy way to provide an application in as many languages as you need. The language can be set depending on server settings, browser configuration or selected by the user at runtime. Full UTF-8 support provides everything you need to conquer new markets.


The web service support in Pustefix makes your application available to different clients. Pustefix provides built-in support for SOAP, JSON and qooxdoo RPC. JavaScript proxy clients can be generated at build time or on demand at run-time. New web services can easily be plugged in thanks to the modular architecture of Pustefix.

Variants & themes

Create virtual copies of your website that are served to your customers based on custom conditions. Test which workflow fits your users best and steadily optimise your application by analyzing user behaviour or create different themes for your application and let the users chose their favourite theme.


Pustefix comes with a role based authentication and authorization system. Serve different content to your users based on their current roles and deny access to restricted content or features. You can either use the built-in role system or plug-in custom roles and constraints to control the access to your application.

Modular architecture

Create modular applications by combining your functionality in different modules that can be deployed to your applications. Pustefix modules feature business logic in Java and JavaScript, resources for the view layer and any configuration files. The build process will take care of all needed steps to install your modules and even execute custom post-install scripts of your modules.