The Pustefix Framework is an open-source Java web application framework for developing request-based MVC-style web applications using Spring, XML and XSLT.

One of the key features of Pustefix is the strict separation of model/logic and view. The data model is converted to a read-only XML DOM, either by automatically serializing model beans or programmatically creating the according DOM nodes. The view is rendered by transforming this DOM using XSLT.

Have a look at the feature overview, or directly dive into our reference documentation, but better, just try it out and follow the instructions in the quick start section below or work through one of our tutorials.

Minimum requirements

  • POSIX-like operating system
  • JDK 8+
  • Apache Maven 3+

Quick start


Pustefix is available on Maven Central. To start from scratch, you have to add the following dependency to your Maven project:


Create an application

Pustefix provides a Maven archetype which lets you easily create a basic application, which is ready to be built and started:

  $ mvn archetype:generate \
      -DarchetypeGroupId=org.pustefixframework \
  $ cd myapp
  $ mvn tomcat7:run-war